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We are a sign company on the cutting edge of technology

Specializing in assisting you make a powerful statement to your customers, Superior Signs produces signs with vinyl, aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic and many more. Utilizing cutting edge LED sign designs and modern manufacturing techniques, we can create a custom masterpiece for your store front or lobby.

Superior Signs has decades of experience in serving the Muskogee area and has grown to include Tulsa and surrounding areas. We also produce and install signage throughout Oklahoma as well as Arkansas, Missouri and have installed many landmark signs in nearly every city in our great state.

We are members of the International Sign Association, Tri-State Sign Association and proud to be a Woman-owned business.

Architectural and Skyline Lighting


What better way to draw attention to your business than custom lighting? Whether the storefront or the entire roof line, your building will stand out from the rest. Classy lines; our neat and tidy methods ensure straight lines with little to no visible wiring, very discreet.

Border or edge lighting are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to amplify your brand and attract more customers.

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Looking for a distinctive way to set your business apart? As an architectural element, awnings add finesse to businesses. Awnings are timeless and can add a classic charm or a bold, contemporary look. Available in many different colors, sizes, and shapes, awnings extend out from your building and along with versatile awning graphics, create some of the most powerful marketing visuals for your building or storefront. Graphics designed to complement the theme and expression of your business, stylized awnings accentuate your business’s identity and grow your brand’s footprint.

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Need to increase your visibility, make your storefront noticeable, or find an expressive way to direct traffic within your store or event? Or just a classy way to showcase your logo? Banners can be the way to draw customers your way. Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, these innovative and cost-effective signs make a significant impact if you’re looking to:

  • Advertise new products
  • Promote sales
  • Announce special events
  • Direct traffic in hallways and on concourses
  • Display best-selling products

Constructed from a variety of quality materials, our Banners are custom designed to fit your business’s style and reinforce your brand’s image. Created in a variety of sizes, hanging banners can transform storefronts and various areas of your business with a flair that attracts more traffic to your business and highlights your products or services.

Offered in a multitude of colors, a wide array of fonts, and infinite style options, your design can feature full-color graphics and images, a simple message or maybe just your logo.

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Bendable Neon


Designing beautifully colored custom faux neon signs and bending LED is an art and the look of class. Bendable LED can be mounted on a cabinet or used in an open face channel letter. Our shop has years of experience and the right equipment to produce a quality sign that will truly stand out and bring to life the personality of your brand.

Our vast experience with bendable LED Neon extends beyond design and manufacture, all of our install and service technicians are trained and experienced in servicing signs as well.

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Cabinet Signs


Whether mounted on your building, on the top of a pole in a pylon sign, or on the ground in a monument, cabinet signs are a dramatic way to prominently display your brand and image both day and night. Cabinet signs are manufactured from steel or aluminum and can be designed to your vision.

Combined with our engineering skill, modern computer-driven routers and other equipment, allow us to create cabinets in multiple shapes and sizes to better show off the unique features of your logo.

Custom cabinet sign faces will be vinyl applied to plexiglas or acrylic sheets and coated with a UV resistant laminate to provide long life in the harshest of environments, or digitally printed on high-quality Flex Face material.

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Channel Letters


Choices for style, size and customer impact are virtually endless with illuminated channel letter signs. You can make a huge impact and attract new customers with custom fonts and your attention-grabbing logo mounted to the front of your building. They are commonly found in shopping centers as exterior signage to draw in your customers' eyes. Many national brands and chains utilize channel letter signs.

Channel letter signs are formed metal letters illuminated with LED or bendable neon, with each letter having separate illumination. LED channel letters have become the most common over the last several years as they outlast and outperform traditional neon. They can be mounted individually or as a single unit on a raceway; example being a backer board. Each letter is enclosed with an acrylic face and the color choices are unlimited for both the sign face and body.

With so many styles to choose from, including halo-lit and open channels with exposed bendable neon, we can create the exact look that best delivers your brand to the target audience. Superior Signs designs, manufactures, and installs channel letter signs that sell your business.

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Digital Signs


Focus your message where it will have the greatest impact --right in front of your property.

Digital media comes in 2 general groups, and are known by various names.

  1. LED Digital Boards/ Electronic Message Centers/ Video boards (graphics and video)
  2. Message Centers / Digital Marquee (letters display only)

Your personal digital advertising solution that allows you to create custom messages that can be updated remotely – empowering you to provide real-time updates. These can be strategically placed, giving you a unique way to communicate with your community and customers.

Digital signage and messaging are a modern staple for businesses and independent organizations alike. They allow you to create rotating custom messages to your community. Our team of professional technicians not only have experience in creating custom digital signs but also in fast, quality digital sign repair. We offer FREE onsite demonstrations of our digital sign products, ask for a free onsite demo!

LED signs are sure to bring more customers to your doors.

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Digital Wall Video


Interior digital video wall signs can introduce new products or services, promote offers and events, inform students about campus programs, recognize staff achievements and more. Video wall displays are our next generation of LCD display technology that delivers unparalleled brightness and visual performance to your business. Turn your wall into a work of art!

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Drive Thru Directional Signage


We understand the importance of quality drive thru directional signs. It not only offers customers direction and delivers functionality, but good signage can also create the right kind of lasting first impressions and really impact how people see your brand.

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Gas Station Displays and Signs


Fuel price signage with digital pricing units embedded into formed sign faces, or retrofitted into existing signs and structures. Our years of petroleum signage experience and expertise allow us to respond fast and in large quantities. Call us today to discuss how we can provide a full sign package for petroleum marketers.

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Hotel and Theater Marquee


Marquees are most commonly found at the entrance of hotels, theaters, concert halls and casinos. They are known for extending beyond the entrance with a cache of light bulbs that flash intermittently, also seen as chasing lights around the signage information. Theater marquee sign are very eye-catching and often evokes a sense of nostalgia incorporating modern technologies to a timeless and historical feature.

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Interior Signage


Interior signage is great for communicating effectively throughout your company facility or office, to both staff and visitors. Superior Signs offers representatives to help you determine the best interior & architectural signage for your facility to communicate your vision and message, and help direct the flow of traffic. Whether you are looking for steel, aluminum, or plastic interior or directional signage, we offer multiple types of custom colors and finishes to match your decor. We manufacture and install interior signs to many industries, including grocery store chains, shopping centers, government buildings, stadiums, and more.

Contact us today to begin your interior signage project.

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Led Sign Retrofit


LED lighting retrofits are a popular request from our clients and it’s easy to understand why. We specialize in converting existing sign lighting to energy-efficient LED lighting, which results in major savings on your bottom line.

The switch from fluorescent or neon lighting to LED lighting comes with many benefits that make this service appealing to all customers. First, LED light fixtures to require less energy than their fluorescent counterparts, which results in energy savings of up to 76%. Also, LED light fixtures are proven to significantly outlast fluorescents, which saves on eliminating maintenance costs. LED lighting is higher quality and illuminates with eye-catching brightness that attracts customers’ attention. The switch to LED is a win-win solution for sign owners.

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Menu Sign


Capture your customers’ attention while they make purchase decisions, and when they’re ready to act. Powerful point of purchase menu signs and displays such as traditional or digital menu boards, floor graphics, banners and posters attract interest, encourage message retention and drive sales. Great at motivating additional purchases, point-of-purchase signs can be among your best sign and graphics investments.

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Monument Sign


Every business needs to be noticed so a passersby can find your business, community, or organization. Stylish and informative, monument signs are an effective way to present your brand and location. Leveraging various materials, colors, and architectural elements, Superior Signs can create a custom monument sign that boosts your visibility.


A monument sign is a freestanding display that sits lower in height, sometimes at ground level, to provide a direct line of sight for commuters. Typically emblazoned with an organization’s name, logo, and address, these will get you noticed.

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Multi Tenant Signage


Multi-Tenant signs are large freestanding signs with multiple signage cabinets typically built for shopping centers, malls, office buildings or other developments that house a range of tenants. We design, build, and install multi-tenant signs that enhance the key design features of your development. Your tenants will appreciate your help in bringing their brands to life!

Whether you choose a digital display that rotates messages and animation or impactful signage featuring your anchor tenants, your multi-tenant sign is a positive ROI investment that will increase your marketing reach for years to come.

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Parking Lot Lighting


Parking lot lighting systems play a vital role in visitor safety, and they can mean the difference between a thriving and failing business. When parking lots are well-lit, customers can easily navigate the space and feel safer when visiting your business. Poor lighting, on the other hand, increases the risk of accidents and crime.

Upgrading your current system and installing LED lights for parking lots has many benefits.

LED Lights Have Greater Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest appeals of LED lighting is their energy efficiency. HID parking lot lights use anywhere from 400-1,000 watts, whereas LEDs use 40-600 watts.

The LED equivalent of a 150w pulse start metal halide offers energy savings of 63%. Overall, LED lights can reduce a business’s total energy consumption by 50%.

Switching over to LED parking lot lighting could potentially save your business thousands of dollars a year.

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Push-thru Letters


Also known as modern 2D signage, this type of signage gives a classic view and is used outdoor, indoor, malls, or for wayfinding signage.

A sign fabricated with push through acrylic letters provides a unique way to display your company name and logo. Letters and/or logos can be routed out of a sheet of aluminum. Acrylic letters are then ‘pushed through’ the routed area to provide depth. A halo effect is achieved when lighted from inside the cabinet.

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Pylon Sign


Pylon signs are illuminated cabinets mounted on welded poles from 20 feet or taller. Pylon signs, commonly referred to as pole signs, are ideal for attracting attention from afar. Pylon signs are commonly used by businesses such as hotels, restaurants, retail stores, gas stations and more. They are frequently used on the side of roadways, freeways, and highways. We follow precise engineering standards to ensure structural stability and the ability to handle projected wind loads. Depending on sign size, our pylon sign faces are either vacuum formed faces or high-quality flex face material with a UV protective coating.

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Scoreboards / Sports Signs


During any athletic event, all eyes are on two things: the game and the scoreboard. Scoreboards are undeniably one of the most visible components of any athletic facility. Take advantage of all that visibility with scoreboard signage with the quality options we offer.

Cover your sports scoreboards with scoreboard signs to highlight your sponsors and your brand. Place sponsor advertisements on the sides or utilize the backside of your scoreboard for a larger-than-life mural of your team mascot or logo. Scoreboard signs can be easy to swap in and out for sponsorship changes or if your branding needs change for a special event. Do not let this prime space go to waste, outfit your scoreboard with custom scoreboard signage and even video boards.

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Vinyl Graphics and Vehicle Wraps


Windows, doors, vehicles, and more. Apply your brand image to surfaces for effective business promotion.

The simplicity and effectiveness of custom vinyl lettering can make it stand out from the competition. With our team of experienced professionals, add vinyl graphics & vehicle wraps to just about anything from storefront windows, including lettering and posters, to interior wallscapes. We can also turn your vehicle into a driving billboard. Let Superior’s team turn your next space or truck into an advertisement of your business and services.

An affordable, customizable solution for many types of businesses, window decals and graphics made from durable vinyl are professionally designed and printed for quality that lasts. Because they aren’t permanently installed, you can remove them when a promotion is over or when you are ready for a change. Window decals and graphics can:

  • Make your storefront design pop
  • Advertise specials and sales
  • Create a buzz about new products or brands
  • Introduce new services
  • Communicate special event details
  • Create privacy for your storefront or office
  • Be as simple or complex as you need

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Wall Signs


Wall signs are signs attached to a building. They may be exterior signs or interior signs, though most sign codes only regulate exterior signage. There are a variety of exterior wall signs, ranging from signs painted directly on walls, to printed signs, to dimensional letters, to illuminated channel letters, to illuminated sign cabinets.

Today, most wall signs have florescent or LED lighting. Sign cabinets can have several different types of sign faces, including embossed and painted polycarbonate pan faces, flat polycarbonate faces with printed or vinyl graphics, routed aluminum faces, and flex faces.

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Wayfinding and Directional Signs


Wayfinding and Directional Signs help people get to where they need to go quickly and safely. Wayfinding signs make it easier for clients, visitors, vendors and employees find locations throughout your business or property. Wayfinding signage is not only functional, but it can also be customized to fit your brand.  

Present day technology can even incorporate digital with architectural graphics, turning what was once boring into a work of art.

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Yard, Storefront and Sidewalk Signs


Whether used as a marketing tool or for displaying important business information, yard, storefront, and sidewalk signs are an affordable sign solution for many industries. Incorporation of your company logo, colors, and branding elements to make sure it represents your business well.

Yard, storefront and sidewalk signs are a great investment for l businesses and are highly effective marketing tools. Studies show that these signs have helped businesses increase sales and profitability because they are customizable and affordable.

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